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Dallas, TX June 21st, 22nd & 23rd, 2013

Finally, you’ll get unprecedented FACE-TO-FACE access to...

Kevin Wilke (million dollar local marketing agency owner, founder of the Local Internet Marketing Association and creator of Local Business Money Machine)...

Jody Underhill (million dollar local marketing agency owner, managing editor of "Local Marketer News," creator of Fishbowl Formula for Local Marketers and local marketing services certified sales trainer)...

Roland Frasier (million dollar local marketing agency owner, co-founder of Master Local Marketing, author of "How To Market Your Local Business Online", local traffic generation and multi-branch geo-marketing expert)...

Martin Maybruck (local mobile marketing consultant for Google, six-figure local marketing agency owner, founder of Local Lead Generation and local mobile marketing expert)...

Vanessa Underhill (million dollar local marketing agency owner, local niche marketing expert and author of "Vein Clinic Marketing"...

...and our entire local marketing and tech staff for Three Entire Days to work on YOUR local and small business marketing business

PLUS: You’ll get a license to “legally steal” our little-known and most jealously guarded customer-getting formulas, outsourcing contacts, customer site-ranking and business automation secrets in this private “closed-door” 100% content Brain Dump

From the desks of Kevin Wilke & Jody Underhill
Tuesday, 9:17 AM

Dear Local, Mobile And Local Apps Marketer,

Taking hundreds of hours to wade through local marketing training courses, news sites, and the latest changes affecting local markters and their customers is just plain unecessary. You can master the entire business in a single weekend surrounded by the right people.

Want to build your local marketing business into something that will let you have a true “lifestyle business?” You know, the kind of business that the people who live in the big houses in the nice neighborhoods have?

The kind where you get to work just a few hours a week, spend time with your family, travel wherever you want whenever you like and never have to really worry about how much something costs because you already know that you can afford it?

You can you know. All you have to do is copy the exact same steps that the most successful local marketers follow and focus on just 3 things:

  1. Copying their already proven customer-getting systems to scoop up as many of the most profitable, lowest hassle local, apps and mobile marketing clients as possible

  2. Automating and outsourcing app building, traffic and lead generation and social media management to get those clients the most business as possible so they keep paying you month after month

  3. Growing your recurring monthly income to $10,000 per month and/or preparing your local marketing businesses for sale to someone else for $100,000 to $1 million.

So, how can you do that for YOUR local marketing business right NOW? Remember, everything is changing so fast and so constantly that if you wait to figure it out, you may find yourself completely left behind… AGAIN!

Want to know how to profit from the ever changing Google search algorithm updates? You'll love our session on instantly grabbing dozens of new customers, desperate to rescue their sites from Penguin, Panda, Venice and whatever Google decides to name their latest business destroying update.

Concerned about how to keep up with the never-ending changes in mobile marketing? Dive into to our session on the latest strategies to drive traffic to your local business clients from smart phones, tablet computers, mobile PPC, SMS and local retargeting campaigns (oh, and also how to outsource all of this so you don't have to do any of it yourself).

Wish you could get instant results for clients who have been burned before by wanna-be local marketers who didn't know what they were doing? Soak up our session on instant local traffic hacks that have your clients getting new leads in as little as one hour from the time they hire you.

Trying to figure out how to get the phone to ring for potential $1,000 - $10,000 per month local businesses in super-highly competitive niches? Feast your eyes on our "Video Sandwich" system that anyone with Internet access who can spell "YouTube" can use to outrank even the most entrenched competitor in super-profitable, impossible to snag niches like mortgages, payday loans, attorneys, real estate agents, doctors, dentists and insurance.

Looking to be different so you can easily grab new local marketing clients for highly profitable, must-have services no one else is even offering them? Check out our session on quickly creating e-commerce sites for local businesses and generating recurring revenue by selling state-of-the-art continuity programs that include outsourced Facebook "promoted posts," Twitter "product and app cards", Pinterest contests, "Deals" programs and Google Adwords "product listing ads."

Want to quickly build a local marketing agency and sell it for $100,000 - $1 million? Get ready for our no-holds barred "Entry to Exit" blueprint, where you'll learn why this is the perfect time to build your local marketing business to sell to the coming wave of major players who are increasingly desperate for agency acquisitions to grow their companies.

Don’t Get Left Behind In The Hot New Local Marketing Services Goldrush. The Hardest Part Is Knowing What Businesses Want & Giving It To Them Without Having To Have A PHD In Software Technology Or Getting Bogged Down With Employees, Manual Reports & Too Many Details

The truth is that you can master the latest and most cutting edge strategies for finding and signing up mobile marketing clients, automating and outsourcing app and site creation, fulfillment, social media marketing (on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter), media buying (PPC, email drops, banner ads and retargeting), mobile marketing (SMS, AdMob, Mobile Sites, Pay-Per-Call) and growing and preparing your local apps and mobile marketing business for sale in only 3 days. That’s a FACT!

Suffering through hours and hours of recorded videos, ebooks and online courses that are pretty much outdated the moment they’re put online isn’t going to get you where you want to be fast enough.

And the truth is you’ll probably NEVER take the time to go through them all and find the most important stuff you need to watch, listen, read and learn anyway.

Let’s face it, you’ve got better ways to spend your time and even though you know this stuff is important, it’s just plain BORING. It’s almost impossible to stare into your computer screen hour after hour, trying to focus while the rest of your life keeps interrupting and demanding your attention.

So, What Can You Do To Learn It All Fast, Furious & In One Uninterrupted, Distraction Free Environment?

With everything else that’s going on in your life right now, it’s no wonder that you’re not where you want to be with your local, apps and mobile marketing business. You want to learn the best stuff, the stuff that will let you take simple action and get you fast results, right?

If you really want to make the kind of money that you know you could and should be making, then stop beating yourself up about it. It’s not your fault.

It’s just that you never had an option that would let you get EVERYTHING you needed to know to succeed at local, apps and mobile marketing in one spot, in one sitting, with all of the experts, team members, outsourcing contacts, app builders and automation resources you need to make it go like the big boys do.

Well, all that is about to change, because in just a short time, you can fix all that and come learn all you need to know from some of the most successful local, apps and mobile marketers on the planet.

Finally, 5 REAL, six figure and seven figure local marketers are going to lock themselves in a room with you for 3 days and reveal all their tried and tested tactics, tricks and strategies that they are using right now to earn hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars right now, not five years ago. Heck, we event got you a local marketer who Google hired to help them with their GoMobile launch. That's how good he is!

If you wanted to learn how to master something, not just learn about it, but to really master it, what would you rather do?

  1. Read a book by the #1 expert on that subject, or

  2. Spend an entire weekend in a Vulcan mind meld with that expert and their entire team, peeking into every corner of their business, learning every system that they are using, copying their entire “black book” of little-known, inside industry contacts that let them do things 10x faster than anyone else?

You chose option B, right? It’s so obvious when you put it like that, isn’t it? I mean, books and videos are all fine and they’re a great way to learn, but when you put them up side-by-side against working with someone who is already where you want to be, hand-in-hand, there’s just no comparison to LIVE, interactive access, is there?

If you are not already exactly where you want to be with your local marketing business, already have all the clients you want, already have the lifestyle business you've dreamed of having, then you really need to get your butt out to Dallas and get the missing pieces live and in person.

If you already have a thriving local, apps or mobile marketing business, then don't miss this opportunity to hang out for three days with our hand-picked team of mega-sucessful million dollar local marketers. If you hired the team we've assembled for you for this event to consult with you one-on-one about your local marketing business, you'd have to shell out over $100,000, and even if you could do that, you'd probably never be able to get them all in one place at the same time.

Take this opportunity right now to hang out with them and learn exactly what they've done to generate millions in sales.

Meet Your Local Apps & Mobile Marketing
Dream Team

Kevin Wilke

Okay, if you're reading this, you probably already know me pretty well, but what you may not know is that I've been where you are before. I didn't start out a mega-successful local and online marketer.

In fact, I had to learn just like you are now, and after a series of small successes, I finally put all the pieces together and went from $0 to $102,315 in six weeks way back in 2001. I haven't looked back since!

I now have more than 70 profitable websites making up to $500,000 in a single month and my clients pay me as much as $250,000 a year for my knowledge and expertise.

I almost NEVER do live events any more. I prefer to enjoy my 'Internet Lifestyle' hanging out on the beaches of Rio in Brazil with a cocktail in one hand and a hot Brazilian beach bunny on the other.

But my partners have convinced me that if I come back and do this face-to-face event with you, you will actually take what I have to share with you and put it into action to be more successful, so I'm making myself available for what may be the last time EVER live and in person, and I'll be showing you just exactly how I built my multi-million dollar local marketing and online businesses.


Roland Frasier

Roland is a full-time marketer running multiple marketing businesses in the niches of local marketing, product launches, information marketing and international import/export and arbitrage.

He is a “recovering attorney” who was introduced to direct marketing when his firm represented clients such as Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Denis Waitley and Brian Tracy.

He also played an integral role in the marketing of several joint venture infomercial projects with infomercial giants Guthy-Renker Corporation and K-Tel Direct.

His businesses have served such companies as PepsiCo, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the Buffalo Bills Football Team, the Orlando Magic, McDonalds Corporation and US Air, among others.

Roland currently holds the world’s record for the highest paid marketing affiliate in an information product launch, garnering almost $1.3 million in sales in only six days selling local marketing products.

He has successfully trained dozens of other local marketers who now enjoy the entrepreneurial lifestyle. His own seven figure local marketing businesses now specialize in exchanging his marketing services for ownership in the companies he helps.

Roland will be sharing how you can dramatically increase your income by identifying the right companies to provide your local marketing services to and how you can get those companies to give you ownership AND monthly income in exchange for helping them with their local marketing.

Jody Underhill

Jody is a recognized social media expert and strategist, as well as the co-founder of Upside Down Iceberg, a fully integrated local marketing and Social Media Marketing agency based in West Palm Beach, FL.

He works with local, national, and international corporations on social media strategy for local market sales. Jody has been a guest speaker for organizations, events and forums related to social media, on how to effectively integrate social media into your overall marketing and business goals.

Over his 26 year tenure with a Fortune 250 company, Jody held executive positions in Operations, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. Jody is a Certified Business Coach and holds a Mastery Certification in NLP. Jody received his BA Degree in Organizational Management from Warner Southern College.


Martin Maybruck

Mark is almost as famous as his first two names, but prefers to remain as incognito as possible. For people in the know, he is someone you need to know. His claim to fame over the past five years has been his success with coaching brand-name speakers. He has successfully coached numerous speakers on how to increase their conversion rates and profits every time they step on stage. While he won’t disclose the names, many of his clients are names that most people would recognize. Mark is a terrific speaker himself and really excels at his ability to motivate a crowd and get them excited.

Vanessa Underhill

Vanessa is a Local Internet Marketing expert and small business consultant who helps businesses get more customers by making them findable when local consumers are looking for their products and services.

Vanessa’s focus on the online behavior of consumers when they are looking to buy locally led her to develop her method of opening “Lead Faucets”. This strategy allows local businesses to be found in multiple places instead of focusing on just a web site.

By identifying problems that local consumers need to solve locally and creating “Lead Faucets” that provide the solution, Vanessa has developed a system that is laser focused on the quality of the conversion rather than the quantity of internet traffic.

Creating “Lead Faucets” with marketing principles will make it easy for Local Customers to choose you over your competitors. This can be far more cost effective than simply spending your online budget on search engine rankings. In 2009 Vanessa began teaching her Lead Valve strategy to Local Internet Marketing consultants and small business owners around the world. She has been credited with saving businesses and changing lives.

If You Want To Truly Master Everything You Need To Know To Get Local Clients, Generate Tons Of Qualified New Customers For Them & Learn How To Build A $10,000 Per Month (Or Bigger) Local Marketing Business...

Here’s the deal. I’ve put together an all-star cast of REAL local marketing business owners, marketing super-stars, and I’m giving you behind the scenes, past the velvet ropes access to people you would never be able to spend time with like this without shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for one-on-one consulting time.

In fact, to spend this same three days with all of us would cost you well over $100,000! And the cool thing is that at the event, when we’re not on stage brain dumping our best ideas, plans and step-by-step strategies, you can grab us and get one on one time, because we are here to share and brainstorm and work with you on your business to make it successful, whatever it takes.

Stop Being Ordinary, and Get The Respect,
Income & Recognition You Deserve

Life does not reward the timid. When you see something that you know is going to change your life for the better, you’ve got to grab it with both hands and make a decision to own it.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched as people pass on life-changing opportunities because “life got in the way” or “the timing wasn’t right.” That’s just a load of crap. If you want to change your life, if you want to get all that you deserve, then you have to be extraordinary.

Stop settling for an ordinary life. Get involved with us at this live event and do what it takes to change your life. This isn’t another one of those feel-good pitch-fests that you may be used to.

This is an in the trenches, tactical warfare prep-session to give you everything you need to ignite your local apps and mobile marketing business and explode your income, client-getting and results delivering.

What’s different about this event? What separates it head and shoulders above all the others?

Take a look...

  • Is NOT a Pitch Fest. It's all content, all the time. Your head will be spinning from all the action items you'll have in your notes, and you will know just what to do with each one and how to get someone else to do it for you, because we'll tell you that too!
  • Is NOT a Multi-Speaker Event: We will have some of our friends, staff and business partners or elite team members join us on stage from time to time, but the five of us will be doing almost all of the heavy lifting.
  • Is NOT a passive, sit there bored-out-of-your-mind and take no action event. There are 31 Complete Sessions: 9 sessions that break down step-by-step different ways we get an endless flow of clients without "selling", 2 Sessions on how to think like a successful local marketer, 11 Sessions on specific tactics you can copy from us to provide your clients with everything from site rankings to video marketing, social media domination, apps development, paid marketing, email marketing and much more, and 9 complete Sessions of Reverse-Engineered Case Studies, and you'd better be ready to get stuff done while you're there, because this event is for doers not wannabes.
  • 100% Beginner To Advanced Content. We've specifially designed different "tracks" for people at different skill and experience levels so no one will be left behind, but no one will be bored waiting for the "good stuff" either.

I guarantee you this... You will leave Dallas armed with everything you need to get MASSIVE amounts of HIGH PAYING local marketing customers, provide them with super high-quality services without sacrificing your personal life (you'll have outsourcers who can do that), and you'll finally learn how to build your local marketing business in a way that it can be sold for a ton of money, just like we're doing with our own local businesses.

How do we know this? Because if we didn't already have and use all of the things you're going to learn at this event for our own businesses, we're convinced that even we would NOT be making 85% of the sales and income we make right now. It's that important...

Best of all, it's as easy as one, two, three if you just do what we're showing you how to do at this event.

100% Plug And Play Client-Getting, Money Making Models, Tactics & Hacks

The vast majority of what you'll learn during the 3 day event are what I call "plug-and-plays." You know, quick fixes and tweaks that take minutes to implement in your local, apps and mobile marketing business, but when combined together have a huge overall effect.

If you take everything we're revealing over the entire three day weekend, you could easily double or triple your business. And if you haven't started yet, well, that may be even better, because you can just take this stuff and run with it, all set up completely right from the get-go.

You'll start right from the beginning with everything set up in the best way to get the most clients, close the most deals, outsource all the hard stuff and cherry pick the work you want to do just because you love it.

Better still, you won't have any bad habits to break or "old tricks" you need to unlearn.

What Will One Weekend In Dallas Do For You?

Change Your Life!

Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Local Marketing Events

Alright, I've given you a taste of what we have in store for you at the Master Local Marketing Implementation Workshop, but there's still quite a bit that I have not said about the event, especially the content, because at the event we are going to be giving you the most up to date information on the latest, most cutting edge strategies and actions that we are taking at that moment in our local, apps and mobile marketing businesses.

We are testing new things all the time, and sometimes we are putting together presentations literally at the last minute, the night or week before the event so that we can share our best stuff with you on what's working now.

So, not only will you get what we've talked about above, you'll very likely get a whole lot more, and the sessions we've described above will likely get more detailed and more refined as well, or we may replace them entirely so we have a chance to give you something even better. That's just how we roll, and you get all the benefit from that.

Here are some additional things you should know about our Master Local Marketing events:

  1. All content. Our event is all about content. With all the content we've already outlined for you above, you can see that there just isn't any place to squeeze in a bunch of pitches, so you're going to have to be okay with rolling up your sleeves and getting a ton of actionable plans as opposed to having new "shiny objects" to buy.

  2. Strictly Limited To 200 Primary Participants. We want you to be able to truly have an all-access pass to talk with us, have one-on-one conversations, network together meaningfully, work with our outsourcers and team members, so it's critical that we keep a very small group and this attendee limit will be strictly enforced and is on a first-come-first-served basis.

  3. Session Based ? As you can see we have quite a few sessions scheduled. They range from about 15 minutes in length to about 60 minutes and they are all designed to be interactive. Here's the idea. You receive a fire hose full of information and then you ask questions about it, then we bring another fire hose full for you.


This is a workshop and not a seminar.

In other words, expect to WORK and expect to be mentally exhausted at the end of each day. Sessions will begin every morning at 9AM, and you should expect them to go until 6PM or 7PM each night, except for the final night, when we will end at 5PM. You are definitely going to want to be in the room when the session start or you will miss valuable content.

You Have To Take Action Or Nothing Will Happen.

That's it. There's really nothing more I can say about this event.

Scroll down and click the "Add To Cart" button in the registration box so you can reserve your spot.Click the orange "Add To Cart" button, fill out the form on the next page and book your hotel room and plane tickets once the confirmation arrives in your inbox.

Do it now, or you'll miss out on the one thing that can change your life, kick start your local marketing business and get you connected with us (Kevin and Jody), Roland, Martin, Vanessa and our staff in a way that only in-person meetings can.

Do it now...

I'm it now:

YES! Kevin & Jody, I want in.
Please enroll me in your

Master Local Marketing Summit

June 21st, 22nd and 23rd

There's no reason to procrastinate or "think about it" any longer. The time for action is now, because if you wait there's a very good chance that this event WILL sell out.

And, trust me on this, when you hear about all the success stories that come about in the weeks following the event as a result of all the things people learned at the event and are then implementing in their businesses, you don't want to be the one standing on the sidelines wondering what they're doing and how they're doing it.

So Register NOW while spots are still available.

I'll see you in Dallas,

Kevin Wilke & Jody Underhill

PS Just in case you were wondering there are no plans to turn this event into a product in any form. That means that if you're planning to skip the event because you think you'll just buy the recordings at a later date...


While we may record the event, the recordings will only be made available to LIVE attendees, and only after signing an agreement not to sell, copy or redistribute the recordings in any way.